Box Tops

Earn Free Money for the School with your grocery purchases!

Box Tops For Education was started in California back in 1996, and has been one of the most successful programs offerring free money ($0.10 for each box top) for schools across the country.

After years of clipping, Box Tops are going digital. This means no more cutting the Box Tops from the package and bringing them into school, instead users will download the Box Top App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to scan their receipts. The new method takes about 5 mintues to set up. The Box Top app is downloaded and users set the school to Montessori Institute Broward. Next, after checkout take a snapshot of your receipt and any Box Top items on the receipt will be calculated and registered to the school.

So please, take time now to step up the app so that you are ready to scan your receipts (they must be scanned within 14 days of purchase). Also, clip if you still see the traditional clipping, even if they have already been scanned on the receipt. We are allowed to double dip and can raise double the money for our school!