Box Tops

Organizer:  Erika Leogue


This is how it works:


Box Tops list of Products

  1. Find the Box Tops coupon (not just the logo) on various items while shopping
  2. Clip the coupons (there may be special coupons for super-sized items, not all coupons look the same), all valid coupons have an expiration date and a unique code in the corner.
  3. Regular coupons can be glued to a collection sheet as well, but special coupons must not be glued.
  4. Bring them to school and put them in the Box Tops wooden stand at Flamingo Hall  in a ziploc bag.

Box Tops FAQs

Why do we need help with Box Tops at MIB?

Box Tops earn MIB cash! Help create awareness for parents and others to collect Box Tops. Checks are mailed to school twice a year.

Volunteers with Box Tops can expect to assist with:

  • Promote Box Tops in the MIB community
  • Find Box Tops in hundreds of products
  • Clip them from each package
  • Send them to MIB
  • Each Box Top is worth $.10