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Finding and choosing MIB was the best thing for our children and for our family. We could see real results after a few weeks. We are counting on that the Montessori way will make a difference in our children’s development.

Ana & Persy Sanchez

MIB is an excellent school for our children because this school is like the second home; the teachers are really nice people.
We are extremely happy with everything, the environment and the teachers.
Andres & Monica Mosquera
Ella & Alina Mosquera
Just a little note to say how much your work is appreciated,  Emily loves the school and is always looking forward to coming to school; even on the weekend ! (last Saturday she asked to go to school).
We are very pleased with the education and care our daughter gets here.
Your school has been exceeding our expectations.
Thank you all so very much.
Dio Earls

Choosing a school for our son was very difficult. Our son was born in November. So with that all of the schools were going to keep him on a class for a year, even after he turned 3. But with MIB they allowed him to move up within the same year.

MIB was an excellent choice for us.

Regine and Eddy St-Fort
Marc-Edward St-Fort

“Your daughter is a spirited girl who thinks outside the box, and I will never try to change her.” Those remarks during a parent-teacher conference brought tears to my eyes. I knew I had found a place where my girls would be encouraged to be themselves, a place that valued grace and courtesy as part of the curriculum.

We were first welcomed into the MIB family five years ago, when our oldest daughter entered the toddler program. Over the years, we have watched our four girls progress through the toddler, primary, and elementary programs. They have made incredible academic gains and matured through social/emotional stages, all at their own pace and with the support of the entire MIB family.

Provided with both the necessary resources and administrative support, the teachers of MIB have truly mastered the art of Montessori. They are the heart of MIB and enough can’t be said about their dedication to our children. Our girls are loved as individuals, and we feel blessed as a family to have found our second home at MIB.

The Mancini Family