Montessori Recommendations

“We Both Read” books are a great way to encourage reading. Each page has one side for the adult to read and the other side is for the child to read. This series is primarily for new and beginner readers (Level 1 and 2) and are truly a joy to ready together!

These timers are fantastic visual representations for children to see the passage of time.  I’ve used them in lots of ways and one really effective technique is to keep one in the bathroom for brushing teeth.  My kids really respond well to the idea of brushing until the timer goes out!

The Munari Mobile for newborns is an excellent way to engage 3-6 week old babies, when they are awake and alert. It helps the infant learn to focus, track and develop their visual sense. Amazing! As the infant progresses, there are different mobiles to match their developmental age.

These Lyra pencils have been great for my children’s writing. The thicker tri-grip shape is very comfortable for small hands.  Even my 3 year old prefers to use these over other writing utensils.

The Absorbent Mind is one of the foundational books in the current Montessori Education. The Absorbent Mind is read by all AMI certified teachers and offers Maria Montessori’s approach on educating the young child.

Another required reading of Maria Montessori in the AMI certification, detailing her in depth knowledge of how children learn and think.


A great introduction to Maria Montessori’s teachings and ideas. It gives a detailed account of how she derived many of her methods and the materials she used.  More of a historical perspective of anecdotes of her life teaching children.

A really wonderful and accurate biography about Maria Montessori and the history of how she developed her ideas through observation. The “Little People Big Dreams” is a series of biographies for young children.

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